reading my blog is probably a lot like repeatedly talking to the same NPC

if i had to describe myself in one word I’d say “i’m pretty great” :l



A bobcat and its bobkitten.

Cats! And their families. 




i dont feel so good

Doesn’t the world “homophobia” make it sound like a very bad thing? Isn’t it a bit rude to call people “homophobic” just because of their personal beliefs?
English tutor

i t ’ s   w a y   t o o   h o t   ・ヘ・


has the whole bed to himself….

everyone i used to talk to on tumblr has just kinda drifted away from me



the comment section to the latest bombcast really illustrates that the expectation for anyone outside of the “norm” in gaming (or really, entertainment or media or in life in general) is “you can talk about this thing, but you can only talk about how it was fun or not fun or good or not good and you can’t talk about how these things personally relate to you, or fail you, or hurt you, or empower you”

"you can talk about whether or not it was fun and if the graphics were good"

"keep everything else about yourself at home"

or, another way to put this that even fuckshits can get, dudes in the norm can talk about how all the important feelings and memories video games have given them and how it relates to them personally and people will be nodding along all about how much pokemon or mario or mega man or fucking unreal tournament meant to them then and means to them now 

but someone outside of that norm talking about how it relates to them personally, for good or ill, and suddenly everyone throws a fucking fit about it and tells them to keep their personal life out of it, this is about GAMES

male gamers