Seriously props to Takahashi for refusing to give Kagome any panty shots and also forbidding the animators from doing it as well and they followed her wishes. She wanted to prevent her from being reduced to a fanservice character at all costs and just…yeah man.


*wins body positivity book in raffle*

what is this, some kind of tombola social justice :l

I’m rerunning the best of marisa. don’t blame me, blame the network

The Elder Gays

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I would like to return this pun for a full refund

Hello, we have reviewed your request and no.


i literally don’t see how raw meat could poison cats

although, like…. maybe the meat you get from supermarkets is treated differently or something? like maybe it has preservatives that are bad for smaller animals?

the post doesn’t say “meat from the supermarket” though. it just says “raw meat” :/

i literally don’t see how raw meat could poison cats

yuu kashima is the cutest

biding is really the best thing you can do with time

url grey


Montrésor, France (by PierreG_09)